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• Chang Yu Mold Co., Ltd. was established on Min-Zu Rd., Toufen in 1987.

• Passed by Taiwan Porite Co., Ltd. as a qualified-mold supplier in 1987.

• Succeeded in developing bevel gear molds in 1991.

• Developed umbrella gear molds and gear boxes in 1992.

• Finished constructing the factory in Zhunan in 1998. Occupying space about 1984    
   square meters.

• Succeeded in developing MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and Ceramic Injection Molding   
   in 2001.

• Established a factory in Suzhou, China in 2004. Occupying space about 5000 square   

• Approved ISO9001:2000 quality certificate in 2005.

• Succeeded in developing JIS-0 level spur gear and 1 level helical gear in 2006.

• Developed helix-umbrella gear forging molds in 2008.

• Won CLA (Council of Labor Affairs) TTQS appraise, Bronze Medal in 2011.

• Apply for the project which is technologic research and development of ministry of   Economic   Affair (R.O.C.), the research plan of SBIR, high-speed powder forming   precious helix-umbrella gear mold.

• Established Chang Yu New Material Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China in 2012.

• Enlarge and move plant to Toufen city in 2015. Occupying space is about 4300   
   square meters.